For one last time he locked himself in, determined to never get out

Caved into depths to hide all the pain, or maybe it was just the shame

Still fresh with the cuts from his last escape, hiding it all behind his face

Then something happened out of the blue, the monster had no clue

A maiden walked through the deserted plains, shining her light into his cage

In the lit night he could see a face, telling a story far greater than fame

Made of strength, strong of will, forged by the beats on the great anvil

Shaped through time, moulded to hold, all the stories she never told

For he could see his past and future in a blink, in the eyes of the teller he now dreamed to behold

The efforts may go in vain, but he still gathered the muscle and broke the chains

While the maiden slowly disappears into the night, he charges towards her light

Never will the beast be chained, set free by the elusive Dame