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Brew up some laughter

I recently was having a chat with a friend on what more could I add here. After initial few suggestions of food blogging (yes, I am going to do that soon – going to places and tasting some of their top delicacies), coffee tasting (got some mouth-watering recommendations which I am sure to share here as and when I try them) and maybe even the stuffs that I cook up, I was sold – all of them.

Well, let me just clear it out that I am not doing any of the above in this particular entry before anyone starts wondering what is this post about!

Okay okay, I will jump to the point now. Back to the same friend, she has a peculiar taste for green tea (ah, we all know those at work who keep on sipping on this couple times a day). Now, people generally have it for health benefits such as treating headaches, improving brain function (lol, not my words), increasing antioxidants, and even burning fat to name a few. I am in no position to comment on any of validity of these and yes, I do have a cup or two occasionally.

Green tea 

But this is not the reason why few of us office drink it, or atleast the reason why I do. What we get out of it is pretty unexpected, strange “high” feeling followed by jovial mood and lots of joking around – which is not funny to anyone else but those on the green tea, not that we would care.

It is a wonderful carefree feeling that you get and what’s better than sharing that with some of your best friends (I will leave work out that). Now that is a benefit worth considering.

A short story, dark

Few office friends were sharing short dark story write-ups, which I wasn’t particularly interested in at first (didn’t get what would be so exciting about it, still don’t) but the one thing led to another and I was challenged (kinda) that I was too ‘not dark-minded’ and couldn’t come up with a good one.

Well, gauntlet was thrown and here is what I came up with:

The shadow moved across the hallway like the cold winter wind, tearing through the curtains and cutting into the embodiment of his soul as he lay staring into the mirror. All that he could see in the reflection was the glistening teeth making its way through the blood-bathed body – of himself. His evil had come around for him, for all those lay in his wake before didn’t stand a chance.

Okay, so I know it isn’t that mindblowing and that this wouldn’t send chills down the spine but I am pretty pleased with the result (and so were they, atleast for something which I came up in 10 mins). Shall I continue writing more of them? *grins*